Dog Plays Dead To Avoid Going Home While Out On His Daily Walk

With all of us in lockdown at the moment, the few times that we do get to venture outside are very precious moments – in fact, I would even go as far as to compare a walk down the street as a transcendentally spiritual experience. I’m not being dramatic I’m just being a responsible citizen who goes outside once a week to the grocery store.

But, I’m sure many of you can agree with me, it is tough leaving the outdoors. And the restrictions have been difficult for our pets as well. In fact, one dog based in Austin, Texas, has even tried to take the law into his own hands by pretending to die as a means of not having to go back home.

Blue, a two-year-old blind pup, was caught on camera throwing what can only be described as a temper tantrum when his beloved daily walk was nearing its end time.

His owner, 28-year-old Cady McNerney, was the one behind the camera.

In fact, in the video, you can hear her voice gently encouraging Blue, saying, “Come on, Blue! You can do it!”

But Blue refuses to budge. Instead, in a performance worthy of an Academy Award, Blue throws himself to the ground where he pretends to be dead.

McNerney, a marketing manager, revealed that Blue was known to occasionally throw his “temper tantrums” ever since he was a puppy, however, since lockdown went into effect, his tantrums have increased in frequency.

And, it is believed to be a result of doggy daycare. Prior to quarantine, Blue was a regular attendee of doggy daycare – a place where he’d get to socialize a lot with all his doggy friends. So, his tantrums could just be a cry for socialization and wanting to see his friends.

And we could not understand this more – as much as I’ve enjoyed all the extra time to write, I would give my right arm to share a pitcher of margaritas with my friends on a rooftop bar in the afternoon sun.

So, we understand you Blue – hang in there, this lockdown will eventually be over.

Meanwhile, watch his video below:

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