Dog Plays Dead Whenever His Owner Tries To Get Him To Leave The Park

For the most part, our dogs are very well-behaved and obedient companions who listen to what we tell them. However, sometimes, they can be a little less obedient and a little more feisty, especially when they want to get their way. And one golden retriever in Queensland, Australia, certainly fit that stereotype better than that of a loyal companion.

Vincent is the golden retriever who does not listen to his owner. In fact, this adorable pup breaks out the theatrics every time he is expected to comply with an order that he doesn’t like, such as leaving the park. We all know how much our dogs love the park, but rather than heed his owner’s requests to go home, Vincent does the opposite. He refuses to leave, going as far as throwing himself on the ground with all four paws up in the air until he either gets his way and is granted extra playtime, or is given treats as bribery to go home.

Screenshot: Facebook

Vincent’s antics were finally recorded by Nicola Booth, a woman who met Vincent and his owner at the park. She uploaded Vincent’s meltdown to social media, writing on the Facebook post, “Next time you get irritated by your dog for being too slow on their walk, spare a thought for this dog owner I met this morning.”

That’s one gentle way of phrasing it.

Screenshot: Facebook

In the video, Vincent is being Vincent as he dramatically plays dead right in the middle of a busy pedestrian area, much to the mortification of his owner, who is seen gently trying to shake Vincent “awake.” However, all his attempts don’t make a difference, as he continues to play dead. Trying to beat him at his own game, the owner then walks away and pretends to leave Vincent behind. The only problem is that it doesn’t seem to work until his owner has left a fair distance between the two, and Vincent finally perks up, acting as though nothing was wrong.

However, as the video showed, that wasn’t Vincent’s only performance for the day. He gave several others in the time that Booth managed to record, drawing in lots of attention from concerned strangers. Of course, the only one feeling quite upset with the dog’s dramatizations was his owner, who was visibly frustrated after the fourth fake-out for the day.

Screenshot: Facebook

He can be heard telling Vincent, “Absolutely not!” trying to keep Vincent from throwing another tantrum. However, it would appear that some food from a snack stand close by was just what was needed for the poor owner to get some cooperation out of his pooch.

Wouldn’t want to be Vincent’s owner!

Watch Vincent’s adorable video below:

Next time you get irritated by your dog for being too slow on their walk spare a thought for this dog owner I met this morning . Watch till the end . Absolutely crying 😂🐾💖

Posted by Nicola Booth on Sunday, May 3, 2020

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