Dog Pleas For Her Mom To Come Home Over FaceTime

It doesn’t matter if we’re on the other side of the world or just down the street, in our modern age it’s so easy to stay in touch thanks to the advancements in technology. And this is great news for pet parents who have to be away from their precious furbabies if they have to go away. Whether it’s for vacation or work, sometimes we need to go on trips out of town. This means that our pets are often left in the care of family members or other trusted guardians. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t connect with them while we’re away. How many of us have purposely FaceTimed or called our pets just to say hi while we were away from home? Probably all of us. And it isn’t just us who are able to understand the workings of technology either. Our pets recognize when we call them and most of them react to either seeing us on the screen or hearing our voices. 

And like many of us, one dog mom was grateful to be able to FaceTime with her beloved pooch while she was away from home. The woman and her adorable Chow Chow shared a very close bond. They were best friends. Sadly for the Chow Chow, her owner had to go out of town for three weeks on a business trip. But thanks to technology, they were able to keep in touch.

As the woman’s daughter explained, those three weeks were full of FaceTime chats where the woman would call her beloved dog. Unfortunately, the dog was still unhappy but at least the video calls were better than nothing. During FaceTime the woman would tell her dog how much she loved and missed her.  Of course, the Chow Chow would take her time to respond back, most likely complaining to her mom about how much it sucked that they were apart.

Watch their interactions via FaceTime in the video below:

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