Dog Puts A Chair Under Mom’s Legs While She Does Pull-Ups

When I was a kid I once pretended to faint in front of my dog. I wanted to know what her reaction would be. I’d previously been watching a show about pets who performed heroic acts of service to save their humans. Most of the stories featured were of dogs that saved the day. One of the stories that really struck me and that made me decide to test out my little experiment was the story of a dog that saved their owner’s life during a heart attack by running next door and grabbing help. As a young child, the prospect of having a heroic dog was quite enticing. I wanted to know that my dog – who wasn’t always the brightest bulb in the tanning bed but still had a heart of gold – would be there for me if I ever needed help. When I “fainted” my dog immediately came over and pawed at me. While she was no Lassie and didn’t run next door for help, it was nice to know that she did care about me and was concerned about my well-being. 

But that is what we love about our dogs. They truly care for us. It’s safe to say that our dogs aren’t just our companions. They can also be our protectors and caregivers when we truly need them. I don’t think it would be likely to find a dog owner who hasn’t experienced some form of genuine care and concern from their dogs when they’re perceived to be in a tough situation. And one little adorable pup named Igor definitely showed that his number one care in the whole world is his owner’s safety. Igor was filmed coming to the rescue of his owner, and it was just so heartwarming to watch. Thankfully, his owner wasn’t in any real danger, it just seemed like that to Igor. And the precious pup didn’t hesitate to intervene.

When Igor’s owner was outside doing pull-ups, the dog must’ve mistaken her actions for her being in danger of falling. Thinking quickly, the clever pup “saved” her by pushing the chair back under her feet. Igor’s actions were something new, so it was clearly the act of a dog who thought there was a dangerous situation unfolding before him. While he might have misread the situation, the fact that he so selflessly got involved and pushed a chair under her feet is just too much for us. Our hearts literally can’t cope with that level of kindness. This is why dogs are man’s best friend. They are capable of so much love and compassion it is unreal.

Watch Igor “rescue” his owner in the clip below:

Does that not just tug at your heartstrings? What do you think of Igor’s actions? Let us know!

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