Dog Races Outside When She Hears The ‘Doggie Bus’ Shows Up

Now that we are in the throws of a global pandemic, most of us are spending lots of time at home. There are many companies that have been letting their employees work from home on a long-term basis with the understanding that it’ll be a while until we’re all able to gather in an office space again. This is great news for our dogs who are absolutely thrilled to have us home full-time. 

But if we recall, there was a time that did have to leave them at home for the day while we went off to work. However, not all pet owners left their dogs on their own at home. Some of us would send them off to doggie daycare or other care services for them so they wouldn’t spend the day alone. Up in Oregon, dog trainer Arat Montoya runs a wonderful service called the “Doggie School Bus.” It is a service that does pretty much everything from playtime to overnight stays or trips, and even grooming. 

And there was one satisfied customer that was always happy to see the “Doggie School Bus” come around. And that would be Rudy, the adorable pooch. In the video, Rudy was only too happy to hear his favorite bus pull up to his driveway. In the video, he is outside in the backyard. That is when he hears a familiar sound. The pooch’s head perks up and he’s wondering if it is indeed his favorite bus. 

Rudy’s owner then asks the all important question, “Is that your school bus?” Those two words were all that Rudy needed to hear. He immediately ran inside the house. And his owner followed him with a camera, capturing his hurried beeline for the front door. His owner isn’t moving quick enough for him, so the excited pup starts barking at her to hurry up and open up the front door. Once she opens the door it’s like she’s unleashed the dogs of war as the large and fluffy Rudy goes thundering out the front door at a pretty high velocity – straight for the doggie bus.

Watch the cuteness below: 

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