Dog Rescues Stranded Earthworms From The Hot Road And Puts Them In The Grass

We all know that dogs can be extremely caring and empathetic animals. For those of us fortunate enough to have a dog, we all know just how kind they can be. They will always be there to lick your face when you’re sad, sleep beside you when you’re sick, or intervene when you’re in danger. But their kindness and gentleness aren’t just reserved to humans, they share it with other animals as well. 

Even the smallest of creatures, such as the humble earthworm, is privy to a dog’s kindness as one border collie/German shepherd mix named Holliday showed. Her owner shared a video of the sweet dog rescuing live earthworms from the fate of being roasted alive on the hot ground. 

In the surprising video, the canine gently picks them up in her mouth then dropping them off in the grass. The incredible thing is this pooch does it on all her walks. As her owner relayed, the pup roams the neighborhood in search of earthworms and other bugs in distress that may need a helping hand. 

The adorable dog, who was rescued from the Chicago-based rescue, Felines & Canines, as a puppy, was never taught the behavior. She just sort of picked it up. Her owner can only fathom that perhaps it was a learned behavior as she did say, “The only way I can think that Holliday learned this behavior, is from watching my mom when we come home for the weekends. Holliday has been doing this for about a year and a half now.”

Either way, that is pretty incredible. And it is the perfect example of why we should strive to have more compassion towards one another the way that dogs do.

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