Dog Retires From The Post Office After Working As The ‘Official Stamp Licker’

Dogs are so much more than just adorable companions. They can also make fantastic employees. That is why dogs are often given important jobs in law enforcement or as therapy dogs, but they really can do anything. These versatile pups can work at many establishments.

And in the Scottish village of Portree, on the Isle of Skye, there was the most adorable canine worker who held an important job in the local post office. The post office had been managed by Ray Chandler, who decided to bring in his family’s dog, Jax, to help out around the post office. He gave the pooch the official title of stamp licker. And Jax worked hard each day. He’d always arrive on time with the boss, spending his days behind the front counter being extra friendly and licking stamps.

Jax was quite dedicated and competent at his job, that it made the locals quite excited to visit the office. He was even promoted to office greeter and got his own little sign so that people entering the post office knew exactly what he could help them with. Ray shared with The Dodo that Jax was a natural at his job. He stated that the pup loved what he did and would get really excited at seeing people coming into the post office. A few times he did have a workplace accident or two when he’d be too eager to lick a stamp and accidentally ended up eating the stamp rather than just licking it!

Regardless of his occasional workplace accidents, he was still a favorite with the public. Everyone adored walking in to see the happy pooch at the post office. And according to Ray, the dog was an absolute delight for the staff as well, including Ray himself. Jax just had a way of brightening up the room and making everyone feel good about themselves. 

I think it should be mandatory that all post offices have an on-site stamp licker. I think that would be very beneficial to the public. What do you think about Jax and his role within the Portree post office? Would you like your local post office to hire a canine stamp licker? Let us know!

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