Dog Reunites With His Long-Lost Sister From The Same Litter At The Dog Park

Nearly a year ago, two little cockapoos, Monty and Rosie, were born into the same litter. And while they were siblings and enjoyed their early days together, they eventually went off to separate forever homes. But there was something incredible that happened after months apart. While out for a walk with their individual owners, the two cockapoos ended up reuniting with one another. But it was such a sweet moment for those who were able to witness it. The two canine siblings were elated to see one another.

But more than that, they did something that absolutely melted people’s hearts: the two long-lost siblings hugged one another!

A man who was out and about and witnessed their precious moment ended up sending a picture to his daughter, Libby Pincher. Pincher then uploaded it to Twitter, where it went viral. Of course, this was no surprise why it was so popular – the moment was absolutely adorable!

Libby’s post read, “pls look at what my dad sent me this morning I cannot even.”

As it turned out the text that her dad sent her, said, “So, Dave was out walking his dog, and there was a couple walking towards him with a white version of his dog. Turns out they are brother and sister from the same litter. But instead of just playing like they do with other dogs, look at this.”

The fact that they could still remember one another is just incredible and so sweet. 

Photo: @libpincher/Twitter

One of the dog’s owners, Susan Killip, who owns Rosie said to The Dodo that the two dogs just jumped on one another as soon as they spotted each other – acting as though there hadn’t been so much time in between.  

She commented, “It was amazing they remembered each other after 10 months of not seeing each other.”

That is just a great example of how strong the bonds of doggie siblings are. 

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