Dog Reunites With His Favorite Neighbor After He Had Been Sick For Weeks

Dogs make friends wherever they go. As dog owners, we know this to be very true. It’s impossible not to fall in love with a dog straight away since they’re such happy and positive animals.

We rely on our dogs for many needs – particularly during emotional moments. And currently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been relying on their dogs to cheer them up during the loneliness of quarantine. Unfortunately, not everyone has a dog the quarantine with, or worse, for social distancing reasons or lockdown restrictions, they’re not able to be with their dog. 

And because of lockdown, one man, Chris, was unable to see the adorably scruffy white that he’d come to befriend in his neighborhood. In fact, Chris and the dog, Paul, had their friendship date all the way back to when Paul was a just a puppy. The two were known to see each other every day at their local Cumberland Farms, where Chris would be waiting for Paul with dog treats.

Of course, the pandemic made the two friends social distance from one another. And worse still, at the start of the pandemic, the elderly Chris found himself sick. Both Paul and his owner had no idea if he was alright – they hadn’t seen him for months. But thankfully, one day as they passed Cumberland Farms, there Chris was!

Paul was beside himself to see Chris, and he immediately went to go greet his friend. Luckily, Chris was on the mend, and definitely more than happy to see Paul. Chris hasn’t forgotten about the treats either – he had brought them with him. 

Watch as the two say hello:

Paul and Chris’s reunion was a moment of cure happiness and tenderness – showing us just how much we all love dogs, and they love us. The sweet moment had a lot of people on social media expressing their joy to seeing the two best friends reunited. This makes us so happy!

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