Dog ‘Ruined’ Every Frame Of Street View By Chasing The Google Maps Car

In this day and age, we heavily rely on technology to get us places. Therefore, it’s safe to say that all of us have at least checked Google Street View at least once – whether it was to genuinely try to find a place or to just snoop on what our neighborhood looks like. The more adorable Google Street View is when we discover that an adorable dog ruined every single panoramic view.

The adorable photobombs – if you can call them that – occurred in Kumage, Japan, when the cute little pup decided he was going to run after a car. Dogs really do lead carefree lives. This precious pooch’s whole saga was documented by Google Street View from start to finish and captured the entire occurrence in a series of photos.

The whole thing begins when you see the dog standing beside a boat, clearly alerted to a car passing by:


Based on his pose, he’s ready to take off in pursuit of his target. All dog owners are well aware of this pose, and most of us know that if we don’t have our pets securely on a lead, they’ll totally take off on us. And as Google Street Views captured, this is exactly what the little dog ended up doing. After a car passed by, the pup was off in hot pursuit.

And as the next frame showed, the dog was chasing the car. He was a cute little blur in the frame, yet the pictures that he was in, still managed to be immortalized in the Google Maps. Of course, when people saw him, they lost their minds.


According to SORA News, the little dog soon became a big viral hit on the different blogs dedicated to cataloging different Google Street Views. There are event sites, like StreetViewFun, whose whole premise is to try and find the funny clips that are caught in such instances. The images posted are all about the bizarre yet hilarious moments in people’s everyday lives that are caught when the cameras happen to capture as they pass by.

Of course, people were quick to comment on the determined little dog.

One person wrote, “I laughed so hard when I saw how far it chased the car!”

While another said, “It’s so cute!”

Someone else commented, “It looks like it’s saying, ‘What’s this that’s come down my road?’”

“As soon as it sees the odd-looking car, it knows something’s up,” wrote another.

But who can blame them? It’s not every day that you get to see a cute dog on Google Street Views.


Naturally, people were surprised by the little pooch’s intrepid spirit. This car chase didn’t end so quickly. As it turned out, the chase took a while. But, slow and steady won the race, right?

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