Dog Rushes Into The Ocean To Play With A Dolphin

Most of us enjoy a relaxing walk on the beach without necessarily experiencing a spectacle. However, on man, YouTuber Brett H, was out for a walk on the beach when he saw something quite peculiar: a dog interacting with something in the water. Not sure what he was looking at, Brett immediately pulled out his camera, knowing he had to record whatever was happening.

Screenshot: YouTube

At the beach in Rockingham, Brett was enjoying a walk when he first spotted the lone golden retriever. Not thinking anything about it at first, he continued on his way. The dog, which he at first mistook for a child, then began to play with something in the water. It was clear that whatever it was, the dog was having fun with it.

That is when Brett decided to film the interaction from afar, trying to figure out exactly what the dog was playing with. Getting a little closer, Brett than saw exactly what was going on.

Screenshot: YouTube

The YouTuber was surprised at what was occurring in the water. As soon as it clicked, he let out a little gasp seeing exactly what held the dog’s attention.

And it was so endearing.

As he focused his camera, it became clear that the dog’s new playmate was, in fact, a dolphin!

That is certainly not a sight that you witness every day. And it appeared as though the dolphin was equally enthralled with the dog as well. The duo was happily swimming around, both the dog and the dolphin taking turns to chase one another in circles.

Screenshot: YouTube

The two were so endearing to watch, given that they were a perfect example of two animals who did not let species differences get in the way of their friendship. Of course, after the footage was shared, there were plenty of those who were skeptical of it being a genuine friendship, or if it was something entirely different.

For example, seeing a dolphin swim that close to shore wasn’t entirely out of the ordinary, but seeing it interact with another animal – particularly a dog – so closely was what made it raise a few eyebrows since it was very much out of the ordinary. Many people questioned why the dolphin was so close to the shore with the dog. But Dr. Justin Gregg, author of the book “Are Dolphins Really Smart?” didn’t see it as a cause for concern.

Picture: Dr. Justin Gregg

Dr. Gregg said, “It doesn’t look listless or about to strand. The dolphin appears to be circling the dog, which should mean it’s not too unhappy. Otherwise, it would just swim away.”

Professor Lars Bejder from the Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit, another dolphin expert, feels the same as Dr. Gregg. Bejder believes the dolphin most likely swam that close to shore in search of food but ended up making a friend instead.

Picture: Prof. Lars Bejder/Murdoch University

While their interaction can’t be confirmed as specifically “playing,” but can definitely be described as a mutual curiosity for one another. While dolphins swimming along the beaches of Rockingham aren’t an oddity, when this particular dolphin was out and about, it definitely encountered something new in the form of the dog. Of course, curiosity can be a powerful motivator to get close and investigate. And both dolphins and dogs are quite curious animals.

Either way, whether its curiosity or a genuine friendship between two different animals, it’s something adorable to behold.

Watch the video below:

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