Dog Rushes Out To Get His Favorite Ice Cream Treat

Who doesn’t absolutely lose their minds when they hear the ice cream truck coming around in the middle of summer? Particularly when it’s a hot day, the sound of the coming ice cream truck absolutely awakens something within all of us that makes us want to run out and grab a tasty, frozen treat. It’s like the ringing of the bell has a Pavlovian effect on all of us – including our own canines.

Speaking of the Pavlovian effect Charlie is a dog who absolutely loves the sound of an approaching ice cream truck. Whenever he hears that classic theme tune, he races out to meet the truck with the same enthusiasm as any kid. And it was absolutely adorable, that someone managed to get it on camera for everyone to see.

In the video, Charlie bolts as soon as he hears the ice cream truck coming. And the good boy is so well-mannered as he patiently waits for his turn. As soon as the truck pulled up, Charlie was more than happy to greet the driver with a wagging tail before he jumped up on his back legs to lean in the open window.

As much as the driver probably enjoyed the greeting, it took Charlie a moment to realize that he was at the driver’s window and not the actual service window. Correcting his mistake, the cute pup ran around the other side in order to collect his popsicle.

And he was clearly more than happy to get his frozen treat. What an adorable good boy! Who else smiled while watching Charlie get ice cream?

Watch the video below:

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