Dog Saved A Tiny Hummingbird’s Life And The Two Are Now Inseparable

Most dogs have a very kind side to them. They will actively go out of their way to help another fellow animal in need. My dog was always extremely caring and patient to the baby birds that would fall out of their nests. My parents’ house has a pretty large backyard that was built on old avocado groves. As a result, they have two avocado trees right in their backyard. It was fantastic, I never had to pay for avocado toast growing up. But the large avocado trees also act as a natural nursery for the blue jays or mockingbirds that like to build their nests there. And at least one little baby bird would always end up falling out once a year during the spring or summer months. When we had our dog, she was the self-appointed rescue committee who would be there to care for the stunned little baby birds until they could get back up to their nest. 

For one little rescue dog, Rex, it seemed that he was more than happy to spread the love. He was rescued from a shelter and got to go home to a loving, forever home. Being the happy and sweet dog that Rex is, he wanted to share some of that good luck with the animals around him. And that was a fortunate call since there was a little hummingbird that desperately needed help. Not long after Rex had been adopted, he and his owner, Ed Gernon, were out for a walk around their California neighborhood. Rex was doing what all dogs do while on walks – he was sniffing the surrounding areas and ground. During that particular walk, the pup made a startling discovery: a little tiny hummingbird that was laying on the ground. The small animal was completely motionless. And when Gernon got closer, he noted that it was covered in ants. He assumed it was dead. However, Rex knew better. It turned out that the small hummer was in very bad shape and desperately needed help. Rex refused to leave it behind. It was Rex’s big heart that made Gernon realize that he needed to help the bird. 

As he stated, “It was this little creature, this fragile creature that the whole world wanted to kill, and he was trying to protect her so I thought I’d go the distance.”

It took several weeks of round-the-clock care to get the little bird back to full health. But she proved to be quite the tough little cookie, and before long she was flying again. But just because she could fly didn’t mean that the friendship was over. As Gernon shared, the little bird, affectionately called Hummer, had developed a sort of “crush” on Rex. It’s as though she knew the dog was responsible for saving her, and now she never wants to leave his side. She even took to bathing in his water dish! Talk about a close relationship. 

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