Dog Sings Along When His Owner Asks Alexa Play ‘Tennessee Whiskey’

Music is one of those universal loves that everyone enjoys – even our pets. It is so adorable to watch as animals join in sing-alongs, dance to certain tunes, or just overall show a deep appreciation for music.

Which is why videos of animals being musically inclined are the absolute cutest, like this newly-resurfaced YouTube video of an American Bulldog putting us all to shame with his singing voice.

The bulldog, Tank, was captured by his owners, a registered nurse, singing alone to a song. Needless to say, the video became quite popular after its upload to social media.

In the short video clip, Tank, an adorable grey and white American Bulldog, is resting in his dog bed. Off camera though, his owner is heard asking the virtual assistant, Alexa, to put on some Cardi B music.

As soon as Tank hears it, he tilts his head as though wondering why his owner requested that particular choice. That is when he owner decided to give Tank the musical change he was most likely requesting with that head tilt and unimpressed expression. The owner then asked Alexa to play a country song, and it was clearly more Tank’s speed.

The owner requested that Alexa put on the song, “Tennessee Whiskey.” As soon as the country song by singer Chris Stapleton began to play through the speakers, Tank couldn’t hold back. The adorable pooch immediately began to join in the singing – even tilting his head back and howling along to his heart’s delight.

His owner posted the clip to YouTube, writing, “Tank the Bully sings to his favorite song, ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ by Chris Stapleton. He will only sing to this song!!! Oh and he hates Cardi B haha.”

Clearly this dog knew the power of a good country song. And we have to say, his vocal ranges are impressive.

You can watch his rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey” in the video below:

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