Dog Sits In A Pile Of His Military Owner’s Clothes

I think that we all know how caring dogs can be. They are our biggest fans. No one will ever be as happy as our dog to spend literally all their time with us. It’s the kind of loyalty that we all need in our lives. There is no better friend than a dog.

And when we end up having to go away for an extended period of time, our beloved pups are the ones who end up missing us the most. Families of soldiers are well aware that long deployments often come with the territory. While they may know that they’re coming, they’re still not the easiest experiences to live through. And for the dogs of soldiers it can be even more confusing as they have no idea what is going on. 

While Michael Yost, an infantryman, as deployed overseas, his family was left at home in Germany with his two dogs. While it was hard on his wife Jessica, it was just as difficult on their two dogs, particularly Michael’s Lab and Collie mix. Fruitloops was feeling pretty fragile after Michael left on his deployment. The depressed pooch tried to find some comfort in his owner’s absence by spending time sleeping on top of a plastic container that had Michael’s clothing as well as a military sleeping bag.

Jessica caught Fruitloops sleeping on top of the container of clothes and felt so bad for the pup. She filmed the heart-breaking scene and then posted it to the internet, where it quickly went viral. As she shared with MSN, “It broke my heart when I saw Fruitloops curled up in the tub of Michael’s old clothes.

The dog owner said that she tried her best to cheer up the pup by talking to him and making him feel better. She felt really bad for Fruitloops because no matter how much she spoke to him, she knew that the dog wouldn’t understand Michael was scheduled to return in the autumn. The bond that the two share was a very sweet one, considering that Fruitloops and Michael only became best buddies when Michael and Jessica got engaged. As she had joked with the soldier at the time, if the dog did not take to him, their relationship would be over. Obviously there was no problem there since the two of them have something very special. No doubt Fruitloops was over the moon to see his best friend again. 

Watch the video below:

What do you think of the friendship that the two of them share? Do you and your dog have a similar relationship? Let us know!

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