Dog Steals Kid’s Food Every Time He Tries To Take A Bite

We all have someone in our family who is a food thief. Some of those food thieves are blatant about it and clearly don’t try to hide it from you, while there are others who go about it in a more subtle way. Either way, if you don’t think food theft is a problem within households then perhaps it’s you.

And our pets are no exceptions to this rule. Instead, many of our pets are often food theft culprits themselves. We often see the adorable videos of pets stealing our food when they think no one is looking. But the really hilarious ones are those pets who are very open about their thievery.

There was one brazen dog who had a very open with his stealing of food. And the one he was stealing from happened to be the family’s baby. Absolutely no shame! But this hilarious pooch definitely figured out just how easy it was to help himself to the baby’s potatoes and peas dish. 

But the sneaky part was he kept lulling the child into a false sense of security. While it would’ve been entirely easy for him to just help himself to all the contents of the plate right then and there, this devious pup waited before striking. 

The Weimaraner took his sweet time and calculated each bite that he took from the kid. This clever dog waited for the infant to do the hard part of scooping the food up onto his fork. Then, just before he could take a bite, the pooch swooped in and stole the food. It happened over and over.

Definitely one that will have you in stitches to watch – especially since the kid looks so sad and confused with each stolen bite.

Watch it for yourself below:

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