Dog Stomps Her Feet When She’s Told She Can’t Go Outside

Dogs all have their own unique personalities – and there are some who are a little more strong-willed and stubborn than others. But it is all part of their doggie charms, and it definitely makes for entertaining videos when the timing is right.

One Australian Shepherd had to be kept inside on a time out after barking at a neighbor’s cat. Just like a little kid, this pup had to learn a lesson before being allowed out to play again. However, the very stubborn pooch was not happy about the fact that she wasn’t allowed to go back outside and resume her playtime. In fact, she saw it as a major inconvenience to her day, and so she began to protest in a very childish manner: she threw a tantrum.

Her owner caught the whole thing on camera, and you can see her clearly stomping her paws in the video as she barks, quite adamant that she be let outside in order to play. At one point, she even stared down the camera in order to try to convey her point.

Mya, the star of the clip, is a 12-year-old Australian Shepherd. Much like her breed, she has a tendency to be quite stubborn and strong-willed, particularly when it comes to getting her way with things. If she does not get her way, this precious pooch is often known to put up a fuss meaning that her temper tantrums are not an infrequent occurrence. Most of the time, Mya’s temper tantrums are a result of being disciplined. Either she’s been brought inside for creating a ruckus outside by barking, or she’s trying to swindle extra food out of her owners, or she yells at the cat who often likes to drink out of her water dish – she clearly doesn’t want to share her water dish. Mya clearly has no trouble causing a scene, and some might even say that she loves to hear herself bark. But this adorable diva is just too cute to ever stay mad at long, and we have no doubt that her owners are often easily manipulated into letting her get whatever her heart desires just based on one look into those precious eyes.

While Mya might be a bit high maintenance she’s still a cutie who loves to spend the majority of her time outside. Throughout the day, she loves to observe the happenings around her, such as people walking by. Unfortunately, she often gets very excitable and loves to bark at many people and pets, such as the mailman, other dogs, and her biggest nemesis, the neighbor’s cat. While her owners have tried training her out of barking so much, their different methods have been less than successful to get her to stop barking. The only real thing that works is bringing her inside for a quick time out.

Of course, as we see in the video below, this doesn’t always work as she tends to talk back a bit. She’s an Australian Shepherd after all, and they’re known for having sassy little personalities!

Check out the video below:

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