Dog Survives The Cold And Has Her Litter Of Puppies In A Snowdrift

When the weather gets cold, we’re all warned to bring in our dogs. And it makes total sense – dogs shouldn’t have to be left outside in freezing temperatures. Besides being uncomfortable, it poses a real threat to a dog’s life. Dogs have been known to die from being outside in the snow.

So you can imagine everyone’s utter surprise when a dog in northern Minnesota was discovered in a snowdrift. Not only that, but she had 6 puppies with her!

Posted by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue on Friday, February 14, 2020

The dog has since been named Snowbelle – an adorably appropriate name. Snowbelle and her puppies were discovered by a family. The concerned citizens promptly rushed the little canine family to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue Shelter, located on the south shore of Lower Red Lake.

According to a Facebook post by the animal shelter, the puppies were estimated to be about 3 weeks old when they were found.

The post added, “We have no idea how Snowbelle and her puppies survived.”
To call it a miracle would be an understatement. This little family was extremely lucky.

When brought into the shelter, all the puppies were near starvation, since Snowbelle had no milk left to nourish them with.

Thankfully, they all were able to make a healthy recovery.

“After a few days of warm shelter and good food Snowbelle started producing lots of milk for her babies,” the Facebook post continued.

Snowbelle had her litter of 6 puppies in a snowdrift this winter. A concerned family drove her and her babies to the Red…

Posted by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue on Friday, February 14, 2020

It concluded, saying what all good dog owners know to be true, “This photo shows the great need for shelter and food in our very harsh winters.”

So happy that Snowbelle and her babies managed to survive what could’ve become a terrible tragedy.


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