Dog Taken Away By Police To ‘Puppy Jail’ After Getting Caught Chasing Deer

Get ready for a picture of the world’s most adorable hardened criminal! And no, I’m not talking about the “hot” felon from a couple of years back. I’m referencing Finn the dog.

This adorable pooch was caught in a picture being taken to “pup jail,” after being “arrested” for chasing deer. However, police have already admitted that he’s not getting charged with any crime – must be that cute face!

Since his owner Emme Thompson began sharing the picture of him sitting in the back of Ontario Provincial Police car, this “perp” has become the highlight of social media. His picture has gone viral all over Twitter, where in just one weekend, it had gotten more than 700,000 interactions.

As Emme tweeted, “Someone called the police on my dog because he ran away and attacked a deer and i know this is serious but the sight of him in the cop car.”


The whole incident first began after Finn went for a stroll with Emme’s dad in Kenora, Ontario in Canada. While on the trail, Finn’s nose got a whiff of a deer and it caused him to head off in pursuit.

Emme explained to CBC News, “They thought they would let him off the leash a little bit to run around, and I guess he caught the scent of a deer because he just all of a sudden took off into the bush and was gone. He wouldn’t listen to any calls or whistles.”

It wasn’t long in between Finn running off and his family receiving a call from Kenora police – Finn was in custody. That is when Emme went to the scene and ended up catching the now-famous picture. Afterward, she posted a second photo of Finn to show that in reality, he really is a good dog.


As Emme explained further to CBC, deer are frequently spotted by the residents of Kenora. But given that Finn was a rescue dog from Northern Canada, his past isn’t entirely known so it’s entirely possible that he spent his youth chasing deer.

“We did get him from up north, and I’m sure he was running with a pack of dogs there,” she said. “That may have been where he learned to chase deer.”
“We certainly don’t encourage it,” Emme added. “He just can’t really help himself sometimes.”

Emme is well-aware that Kenora has bylaws about dogs being prohibited from chasing wildlife – so she was hoping that the worst that they got was a fine.
The police of Ontario later confirmed for the media that Finn was let off with a “stern warning,” so he wasn’t going to have to worry about a record. The matter then got dropped.

As for Finn, there is some unfortunate news – from now on, it’s looking like he will only be walking on a leash. That’s too bad. But hopefully, Finn will keep in mind that if you can’t do the doggie time, don’t do the doggie crime.

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