Dog Takes Time To Unwind On Relaxing Massage Pillow

We all have stressful days. For most of us, stress comes from our jobs or our home lives. Most of us have our own ways of destressing after a long day. While we’d all love to be able to get a massage, that isn’t always an option. Although some of us may buy at-home massage apparatuses in order to deal with the knots and kinks that occur in our bodies when we’re stressed out. But there are some among us that don’t necessarily have the same stresses of everyday life but still enjoy a good massage. And those would be our dogs.

Our dogs do have their own day to day pressures, which is mainly being super cute and loveable. It’s not easy being adorable. But they do such a good job of it.  Our dogs also worry about when they’re going to get to go for a walk when they’re going to get another round of treats, and why we’re not able to give them attention all the time. And for the most part, they are pretty good about not letting these worries get to them. 

But there was one adorable Chihuahua who looked like he could use a relaxing massage after the stress of being adorable all day. The precious pooch was filmed being absolutely adorable on a home massage device. And this is the kind of home spa day that we all aspire to. In the video, the very chilled out pup was getting a wonderful neck massage. The Chihuahua’s face expresses pure bliss as he lays on top of the massager. The little pup was comfortably tucked under a blanket that was made out of a newspaper. He looked like something straight out of a spa day. And his face showed that he was thoroughly enjoying the leisure time at home.

We all envy this pooch and wish that we were him. Watch this pup relax in the hilarious video below:

What do you think of this dog’s day spa at home? Have you ever seen your dog do something similar at home? Let us know!

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