Dog That Hoards Loose Change Donates His Savings To A Shelter

Dachshunds were bred to be viciously little hunting dogs, capable of tunneling their long bodies down different animals’ burrows. Small, but definitely mighty, these canines have a long history of being used as gaming dogs. But there is one adorable little Dachshund who is using his hunting skills for something other than tracking and capturing game. 

Jake has proven himself quite good at sniffing out loose change. This precious pup seems to have made his small stature a major advantage in the hunt for loose change. Given that he’s already so close to the ground, he has the convenience of being able to easily locate any lost coins or stray bills. Jake is able to find these items almost anywhere he goes such as on the sidewalk, on the streets, in the grass, and even under park benches. As ClickonDetroit reported, the senior pooch has come to accumulate quite a hoard throughout the years. One day Jake’s human, Richard Truett, decided to count out his pup’s savings. The Michigan-based Truett was quite surprised and impressed to realize that Jake had collected a little over $250. 


But instead of frivolously spending it away, Jake has decided to do something wholesome with his treasure trove. The adorable Dachshund chose instead to donate the money, which totaled to $250.08, to charity. And the charity of his choice happened to be the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit.

And on Facebook, his owner explained, “In the last 11 years, Jake has sniffed out more than $200 in coins and bills on sidewalks, in streets, under benches, in the grass and elsewhere. Every battered, weather-beaten coin and every tattered, wrinkled bill has been saved in Jake’s Bank, a wooden box.”

And while the money went to FAMD, it was coming at a very critical time since the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the charity organization is seeing a decline in the donations they rely on. As Truett shared, the lack of funding means that the construction of a “new animal intake area at FAMD’s animal adoption and education center” could face delays. A delay in construction could affect the 2,500 animals who enter through the shelter every year. Wanting to do more than just give the charity his money and leave it at that, Jake and his owner decided to do more. The two began a fundraising campaign for FAMD, hoping to triple Jake’s $250.08 to $25,008. And that is how The Jake Project was founded, and so far, the fundraiser has earned several thousand dollars. If you want to help this adorable pup get to his goal, you can donate to his Facebook fundraising page.

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