Dog That Spent 2,461 Days At The Shelter Is Finally Adopted

Sandi is a 12-year-old dog who has spent more than 6 years of her life at the Marion-Grant County Humane Society – to be exact, she spent 2,461 days there. While Sandi had already gotten used to life at the shelter, the staff wanted so much more for her. Sandi finally was adopted by a kind couple who gave her the forever home she deserved. And when the day finally came for her to leave, the staff gave her quite the farewell with a crown and a red carpet.


Sandi first arrived at the shelter roughly 6 years ago as a stray. While she was a very happy and healthy dog, for whatever reason, people continuously overlooked her. Even though Sandi enjoyed playing with the shelter staff, she still wanted a forever home.

Over the years, the staff at the shelter said that Sandi basically began to run the place. She was in a sense the boss, having been there longer than some of the employees.


Her life finally took a turn for the better when Erin and Carrie Rhodes came to visit the shelter. The couple had recently suffered the passing of their dog, so they were looking to open their hearts and home to a new family member. As soon as they met Sandi, they were smitten. In fact, the couple said they couldn’t stop thinking about her.

It wasn’t long before they sought to adopt her. When her adoption day came, Sandi was given an adorable crown and escorted to her car in style while everyone cheered for her. Her tail was wagging the entire time.


Once at home, Sandi adjusted in no time. Her new owners spoil her rotten and love her very much. They even set up Sandi with her very own Instagram page where her family continuously posts pictures and updates. All her posts are written with her point of view in mind, and it is clear that she is finally living her best life.


While 6 years is an incredibly long wait at a shelter, it was all worth it in the end. There are many other dogs like Sandi who are waiting for their forever homes. So next time you think about getting a dog, please adopt and don’t shop. You would be saving a life.


The Marion-Grant County Humane Society still has about 80 dogs and 200 cats in need of homes. If you’re in Indiana and looking to add a new member to your family, please visit this shelter and see if any of them are the perfect furry addition – hopefully none of them will have to wait as long as Sandi did.

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