Dog Thinks He Needs To Have Ear Drops After His Sister Requires Them

We are guilty of faking out our dogs at least once in their life. Sometimes these fake outs can be by accident, like the time I was playing ball with a friend’s dog in the park. I had put the ball away and was talking to my friend when I pointed in a specific direction. The poor dog thought I was throwing the ball again and went racing in search of the ball. It took her several minutes to figure out that there was no ball. And then there are the intentional fake outs that we’ve probably all done, like pretending to toss a ball just to see their confused reactions. I know it’s not the nicest thing to do, but their reactions are usually hilarious. My grandfather’s dog is quite smart, and she catches on to those kinds of fake-outs really easily. If you try to pull the wool over her eyes she will call you out on it and promptly start barking at you.

But one social media user managed to capture what is perhaps the cutest fake out ever. And we completely understand why this owner did it – it would almost be cruel not to. As one social media user, @chloecopley_05, shared online, one of the family’s dogs was in need of ear drops. Like many responsible dog owners, Dad was up to the task of giving the dog their much-needed medicine for their ears. While he was doing so, the other dog was nearby watching. The cute thing was this pup seemed to be closely observing what was happening. Noting that the dad seemed to be giving his friend some medicine the dog assumed that he must be sick too, and therefore he was in need of ear drops as well. 

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