Dog Throws A Temper Tantrum When She Finds The Cat In Her Bed

Anyone who has a cat knows that it’s the cat’s world, and we’re just living in it. Still, they’re such adorable animals, and we can’t help but love their sassiness and confidence. Of course, watching cats and dogs get along is always entertaining. While there is a misconception that cats and dogs are mortal enemies, that is simply not the case. In fact, many pet owners who have both dogs and cats living under their roofs together will often share how the two animals get along great. Of course, they will also admit that if there is ever any bad blood between cats and dogs, it’s almost always on the cat’s behalf – they sometimes like to bully the dogs in the house. But you can’t fault them, they’re just being the sassy and confident cats that we love.

But oftentimes when cats bully their dog counterparts, it’s because they want something from the dog. We often see cats pestering dogs into giving them their beds, their food, their toys, everything. Some might call it selfish, but that’s just cats being cats. It’s part of their “cattitude,” and some cats have a little bit more cattitude than others. Torties and Calicos are perhaps some of the cheekiest cats out there, oozing tons of cattitude. And it is part of their charm. Of course, sometimes some pet owners will catch the hilarious moments when cats push to get their way with their canine counterparts.

There was one adorable moment between a dog who was upset after the cat stole their favorite bed. And while most dogs would’ve called it a day at that point, this dog decided that he was going to protest, letting everyone know exactly how he felt about the little white and black-spotted cat making herself at home on his favorite doggie bed.

Much like humans, dogs and cats share bonds that resemble sibling relationships, where they bicker but ultimately love each other. Granted, this dynamic often makes for entertaining videos, and the owner of this particular dog and cat duo managed to capture the problem with the doggie bed.

In the video, you can see the cat has taken over the dog’s bed as if it’s no big deal and it belongs to her. This is the pinnacle of cattitude. However, this dog was not going to take it lying down.

Rather than surrendering right away to the cat’s will, the dog wasn’t quite sure how to respond to the coup, so he threw a temper tantrum instead.

In the hilarious video, the owners can be heard asking the dog what is the matter. The upset pooch is making a little rumbling whining sound and staring at the camera with some big puppy dog eyes – like he’s pleading for help. Then, the camera moves over an inch, to reveal a little cat butt peeking out from under the comfort of the bed.

The cat has taken over.

The dog then starts to move closer to its bed, clearly protesting and trying to get the cat to move out of his spot. The owners continue filming, laughing at the hilarity of the situation. One of the owners can even be heard in the background saying to the dog, “Don’t think she cares.”

And judging from the look on the kitty’s face, no she does not. In fact, the look that the cat is giving the camera can only be described as the “stink eye” – a look that all felines are experts at delivering.

In the end, while the dog put up quite the protest, it doesn’t appear as though he ever got his bed back.

You can watch the adorable video below:

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