Dog Walker’s Photos Of The ‘Packs’ He Walks Everyday Go Viral

Most homeowners look for a peaceful and supportive community that they can be a part of. And in one community up in Saratoga Springs, New York, dogs are a very active part in shaping one neighborhood’s sense of community.

Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers

It all began after New York’s Saratoga Dog Walkers offered the neighborhood the opportunity for their local dogs to walk together in a pack. It soon became a part of the daily routine for almost every dog in the community.

The dog walkers began documenting the daily walks on their Instagram, where the internet was won over by adorable group photos of the dogs.

As it turns out, walking your dog in a pack is really good for their health, as it not only makes them exercise but also socializes with other dogs – thus strengthening their sense of community as well. The Saratoga Dog Walkers ended up helping the community to turn their pets into bonded and well-behaved, happy, healthy dogs.

Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers

You can follow the Saratoga Dog Walkers on their Instagram account, but for now, take a look below at some of our favorite pictures of the pack:

Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers
Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers
Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers
Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers
Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers
Photo: Instagram / Saratoga Dog Walkers

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