Dog Warns Little Girl When Parents Are Coming Home So She Can Shut Off The TV

Dogs make the best of friends, especially when you’re a kid. We all remember our first dog and the adventures that we shared with them. It’s definitely a special feeling to have a bond with a beloved dog. That is something that we never forget, and we carry the fond memories with us for a long time. Even as an adult, I can still recall the good times that I spent with my dog. The times that we spent together were usually uneventful, but every so often she would be my partner in crime. But we never did anything too cheeky – most just stole snacks from the fridge when my mom wasn’t looking. 

Most kids and dogs are well-behaved when together. But every so often they get up to things that they shouldn’t. When our parents turn their back, we will sometimes try to get away with bad behavior. Usually it’s little things like skipping our homework or eating our dessert before we’ve sat down for dinner. These kinds of behaviors are ones that usually require a lookout, someone who will have our backs and not divulge our secrets when mom or dad come around. Human siblings can sometimes be snitches, especially when our parents put the heat on them, but the one friend we can count on to never tell is our dogs. That’s why they’re called “man’s best friend.”

For one little girl named Gualin, she and her German Shepherd have a system all worked out. Like many kids, Gualin would rather enjoy a bit of television before she’s finished her homework. We’ve all snuck some TV time when mom and dad aren’t in the room. We know that we need to wait till homework is done, but sometimes you’re running behind in your work and your show is on. So, what do you do in cases like this? Get a lookout buddy to help you keep an eye on the parents. And that is exactly what Nuomi the German Shepherd is good at. Every time someone is approaching, he’ll bark at Guanlin in order to alert her to her father coming down the hall. 

Watch their teamwork in the video clip below:

Everyone needs a lookout like Nuomi, wouldn’t you agree? Let us know what you think! 

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