Dog Was Born With A Black Birthmark On The Side Of His Face

Sometimes it’s our scars or other “imperfections” that make us the beautiful people that we are. And the same is true for our pets as well. A golden retriever named Enzo Viola was born with a rare genetic mutation that resulted in him have a random black patch of fur on his face. And it’s this distinct trait that has won the dog many adoring fans across social media. 

Enzo, who is a 3-year-old pup from Texas, feels absolutely no different from any other golden retriever around. He’s even blissfully unaware that he has a slightly different look. He’s just a happy boy who loves to play and has plenty of energy and love to give. He has his own Instagram page. Under the dog’s bio, it’s described as him being a “pro napper, sock thiever, long-walk taker, kiss giver, fuzzy snugger.” There are also plenty of pictures showing Enzo living his best life by cuddling with his best friend, enjoying those naps he loves so much, and just being an all around joy. 

Enzo lives with the Castro family – his forever home who instantly bonded with him the moment that they met him. The 15-year-old daughter, Clarissa, has described her pet as being “the sweetest and most playful puppy.”

She shared with the Daily Star that the family spends a lot of time with him outside in their yard where they enjoy spirited games of fetch. As Clarissa elaborated, the family mainly spends a lot of time playing with Enzo, as he’s a very playful and energetic pooch. He’s even been known to wear himself out to the point that he falls asleep mid-play – something that Clarissa really loves about him. 

Clarissa then added, “Ever since he was a puppy Enzo has always loved having a routine – getting up at the same time in the morning, eating his breakfast at the same time, going on a walk at the same time, etc. He’s never upset but when given the choice he doesn’t love change.”

This adorable pup has his own social media account on Instagram, where he has already amassed a whopping 187k followers!

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