Dog With A Neurological Disorder Loves To Jump Into Puddles

Dogs are absolutely resilient creatures who won’t let anything bring them down. They will smile in the face of any adversity. It’s quite rare to see a dog down in the dumps. Even when they are sick or injured, they eventually turn things around. It’s always inspiring to see just how dogs with disabilities manage to live their lives to the fullest. And one adorable pup named Stevie proved that he doesn’t let his condition get him down.

Stevie is a yellow lab living with the rare condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a neurological disorder that attacks the section of the brain stem while in utero. The portion of the brain stem, which controls motor impulses, means that cats or dogs who are born with cerebellar hypoplasia will have trouble moving around in life. 

Naturally, this means that life can be difficult for those animals born with cerebellar hypoplasia. And in Stevie’s case, it meant that he suffered from a shaky walk and his limbs often flailed about. But neither of these mobility issues ever brought the pup down. He is just like every other dog. He loves his owners. He has a favorite toy, a stuffed duck named Ducky. And he loves jumping into puddles.

Stevie’s fondness for jumping into puddles is something that his parents recorded on video and shared with the internet. It is unsurprising that the pup’s muddy adventures have made him an internet sensation. His Facebook page has more than 189,000 followers, while his Instagram has 78,000 followers. But fame hasn’t gone to Stevie’s head. This pooch loves to jump into puddles, particularly the one that forms in his backyard each time it rains. It’s the perfect place for him to behave just like any other dog and get all dirty. In the video, you can see the pup get all excited as he launches himself into the deep puddle. When he emerges, he’s completely covered in muck. This video shows just how inspiring the pup is despite the medical condition that he lives with – a lesson we can all learn from. Sometimes we need to remember to just take life as it comes and enjoy the little that bring us joy. 

And for Stevie that means taking on every one of life’s puddles with a great big splash. Check out the pup’s adorable video below:

What do you think of Stevie? Do your dogs enjoy puddles? Let us know!

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