Dog With A Squinty Eye Has Been Waiting 1,068 Days For Someone To Adopt Him

Can you imagine waiting 1,068 days for a home? While everyone would agree that is an awfully long time to go without a forever home, one poor little pit bull mix has been waiting that long for someone to take a chance on him.

Even though his name is Lucky, the lovely grey pooch has been watching people walk past his kennel at the Del Norte Animal Control. He’s been there since July 27th, 2017 and he still hasn’t had any offers of a forever home – something that staff and shelter volunteers can’t understand since he’s such a sweetheart. 

As the rescue wrote in an appeal to find him a home, “Blind in one eye due to an injury acquired early on in life, he is constantly winking at the ladies and winning them over with his good looks and charm.” 

The staff further added on Lucky’s Petfinder profile, “A bit reserved at first, Lucky takes his time to get to know you before he offers his undying devotion, but once you’ve gained his trust he’ll be your brave protector for life and show you what a goofy puppy he can be.” 

🚨THREE YEARS = 36 months = 1,068 days🚨Lucky arrived at our shelter on July 27th, 2017 🥺 Meet loveable Lucky who has…

Posted by Dogs of Del Norte County on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The shelter’s employees really want to see the loving dog go off to his own forever home. They said it was absolutely heartbreaking to know that a majority of Lucky’s life has been behind the shelter’s four walls. And no dog deserves to be stuck in an animal shelter for days on end. 

While Lucky’s face might be a little grey, he actually isn’t an old man at all! He’s around 4-5 years old, so he’s still a vibrant dog in the prime of his life. The shelter has also noted that this adorable pooch is house-trained, understands the command to sit, is well-behaved on a leash, and is quite gentle when eating treats. While he sounds like the perfect pet, he is still lacking a loving family. 

Lucky is still waiting at the Del Norte Animal Control in Crescent City, California for someone to pick him. It should be noted that even though he’s a sweetie, his ideal home is one that has no other pets or small children. The Del Norte Animal Control is open for meet and greets, so if you think Lucky would be a good fit for you, you can contact them on 707) 464-7235 to arrange a time to see him. Hopefully, with a little luck, this beautiful boy will live up to his namesake and find a forever home. 

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