Dog With Tons Of Toys Prefers To Play With A Rolled Up Piece Of Paper

Cats are notorious for having a preference for trash items as toys rather than all the expensive items we buy them in hopes of making them happy. How many of us cat owners have spent many a Christmas putting effort into their gifts only to have them ignore all the actual toys or bed bought for them, and head straight for the wrapping paper or boxes? But it’s not just cats who prefer to play with trash. Apparently there are some dogs who would also be more happy to play around with the discarded items that are lying around our homes. And one dog owner caught her adorable German Shepherd on camera ignoring his large collection of toys in favor of paper. 

Most dog owners love to spoil their pups rotten and give them all the toys and treats that they could possibly want. And for the most part, our dogs absolutely love the toys we boy them. How many of us have seen the extensive collection of videos that feature happy pooches playing around with toys – these videos are extremely charming and show us just why dogs are such adorable pets. But there was one German Shepherd named Maverick, who had a very unusual response to his toy collection.

In a video, his owner filmed Maverick beside his giant pile of toys. It was clear that this dog was very much loved by his parents. Given this large treasure trove of goodies, it’s perfectly normal to want to know which toy is Maverick’s favorite. His owner asks him this very question as she says, “Which one do you like the most?”

Maverick looks a little confused, and his owner further prompts, “Show me!” That is when the pup goes to his large stash of toys to pick out his favorite “toy.” And in a very feline twist, the happy little German Shepherd picks out literal garbage in the form of a rolled-up piece of paper. So much for all the beautiful plushies and squeaky toys he’s got in the background – his favorite thing to play with is apparently paper. 

Watch Maverick show his owner his favorite toy in the video clip below:


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