Dogs Are Suffocating In Snack Bags At An Alarming Rate

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to make sure our pets stay safe. That is why their health, happiness, and overall well-being is in our hands and that’s something that should not be taken lightly. I’m sure most of us have taken proper steps to make sure our homes are dog-friendly – the same way that one would baby-proof a residence. However, we also need to be mindful of the hidden dangers that might affect our pets. And sometimes, all that takes is a little common sense.

The Risks of Snack Bags for Dogs

One dog named Wasabi was recently a victim of one of these hidden dangers in the home. His owner’s mother, Patricia Polacco, wrote the following on Facebook:

“My Daughter Traci lost her dearest dog Wasabi to this…it was a pork rind bag. She had left to go pick up something at a friends, wasn’t even gone 10 minutes and her roommate called. He found her next to the front door with the bag still on her head. HAD SHE KNOWN…… hadn’t even crossed her mind that something like this could happen. None of us knew!!!! Please spread the word. Chip bags, zip lock bags that had left over food in them, treat bags, yogurt containers, Especially the YoPlait, cut it all up!!!! Don’t leave them where pups and cats can get to them. Our hearts are still broken. Thank you.”

Source: WUSA 9

According to a report by WUSA 9, Menja, another dog, also fell victim to the snack bag trap as well. Menja’s owner, Shira Reese, spoke with the news outlet, sharing details about the day she found her dog dead.

“I went downstairs and I found him unresponsive with a Goldfish bag around his neck,” Shira said to WUSA 9. “At that point, he was stiff.”

Source: WUSA 9

A third pet owner, Bonnie Harlan, recalled a similarly traumatic event, saying, “He had knocked over lamps and tables and things like that before he finally suffocated. It was a horrendous way to go.”

There was even a fourth dog owner, Debbie Smith, who also had a similar story and commented, “[He] was starting to swell and such. It was just unbearable. He was my life for 10 years. I wept like a baby for days and weeks.”

The four dogs were just following their basic instincts and were motivated by hunger. Sadly, it was hunger that cost them their lives.

And any dog is at risk – no matter how well trained they are, or how large or small a breed. Dog owners shouldn’t brush off this warning thinking it won’t happen to their dog because it could – the snack bags are a total death trap.

How to Prevent Dogs Suffocating in Snack Bags

What’s the best advice?

Keep ALL snack bags locked behind a cupboard door. Another smart option is to buy sealable containers that fit in your pantry – that way you can easily store them away from pets. Plus a perk to these is that you’ll also keep your snacks fresh for longer, thus saving you money in the long term.

Source: WUSA 9

Our pets rely on us just as much as our human children do, so all pet parents must remain vigilant and diligent. This is a hidden danger that should NOT be ignored!

You can watch the video below for more info:

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