Dog’s Favorite Activity Is Making Friends With The Gophers

All dogs love to make friends. It’s why we love them as pets. They just love to spread joy wherever they go. This often leads to them making friends with unlikely animal buddies. But it’s always heartwarming to watch how a dog’s kindness gets them wrapped up in quirky little friendships with other animals.

And there is one adorable Golden Lab that has a precious routine whenever she accompanies her owner to the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. While most dogs are up for playing around and running wild at the park, Fiona the dog is a little bit more conscientious in her activities. This sweet girl has an adorable habit of chilling out and prefers to spend her time saying hi to her friends. But they’re not friends of the canine persuasion as one would assume. Fiona’s friends are a lot smaller. And they spend most of their time underground.

As it turns out, Fiona’s friendly habits revolve around the local gopher population. This dog loves to say hello and make friends with the tunnel-dwelling rodents of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. How cute can this dog get? Her owner posted a video of the curious pooch hanging out beside a gopher hole as a very busy gopher went about his day. In the caption, the owner shared, “Fiona is almost 2 years old and walks the streets and parks of San Francisco daily. Her favorite activity, on this day, back in May at Golden Gate Park, was making friends with gophers.”

In the video clip, which definitely gives you all the warm and fuzzy feels, you can see a very relaxed Fiona sitting beside a gopher hole. The hole’s occupant seems less than interested in socializing, as he’s quite the busy gopher digging around in the dirt. But nonetheless, Fiona still wants to say hi, and she’s quite patient in the way she sits there, waiting for the right opportunity to get a chance to sniff the gopher and say hi. While this particular guy seems less than keen on interacting with the pup, Fiona’s patience and her gentle spirit has resulted in her gaining many other gopher friends while on her jaunts to the park.

The endearing footage has even made Fiona’s owner reflect on her own dog’s display of affection, something that we can all agree on is a lesson in kindness that we can all learn from. As her owner further wrote, “In the end, they share special moments that sow everyone can get along if they are just patient and kind. It’s often hard to get her to leave, so we spend quite a lot of time hanging out around the many gopher holes. Many have come to say hi to the sweet lady Fiona.”

Watch the video below:

What do you think of this sweet dog? Does your dog display similar behavior? Let us know! 

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