Dogs Go Crazy When The Disney Movie ‘Bolt’ Comes On The T.V. Screen

We all have our favorite films that we enjoy watching. For me, I’d have to say that it’s a tie between “Coco” and “Midnight in Paris.” Whenever I watch either film, I instantly feel better about life. But it’s not just us humans who have a favorite movie that we like to watch. Our dogs also have their own personal favorites that they enjoy watching. My dog wasn’t really one for watching movies, but she definitely would perk up with interest every time she heard an animal on the TV. Interestingly enough, it was the cats that were more the movie aficionados. They had different reactions to different movies that played on the TV. My dog’s most common reaction to hearing other animals on the TV was to whine. 

One adorable Belgian Malinois has perhaps the best reaction out of all to the TV. The pup, who is a year-and-a-half-old, is named Stryker. And he’s definitely a huge fan of watching TV. However, it would seem that there is a movie in particular that evokes a very, very strong in the pooch. That would be the Disney movie “Bolt.” There is something about the opening scene of “Bolt,” where the characters are running through the street, which really gets a rise out of Stryker. For whatever reason, the pup goes completely demented during that scene.

Simply watching the opening scene of the movies isn’t enough for Stryker. He has to go a step further and act it out. And his little fit was caught on camera for the rest of us to watch. When the movie is playing, he picks up a toy from the floor and begins to thrash it around. He gets a little too carried away and actually ends up scaring the other dog that is in the room with him. The terrified pooch ends up retreating from the room, but then returns a few moments later to get back to the action of his wild buddy – he must’ve not been too fazed. 

Watch Stryker’s silly antics in the video below:

Have you ever seen a reaction from your dog when they watch a favorite movie or TV show? Do they have a favorite movie or TV show? Let us know!

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