Dogs Patiently Wait Outside The Hospital For Their Owner

Nothing compares to the love and loyalty of a dog. And one healthcare worker at Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Brazil, Cris Mamprim, was one to witness it first hand after a homeless man named César entered the hospital.

Cris Mamprim/Hospital Regional Alto Vale

He was there to receive treatment and medication for a health problem he’d been battling. Normally, he would be attended to at a different facility in town, so Mamprim and the other staff members began to ask him about his condition.

The staff soon realized that César hadn’t come alone.

While he might have been homeless, he was rich in friendship. Waiting for him just outside the door were César’s band of loyal canine companions who were patiently waiting for him.

Cris Mamprim

Mamprim quickly learned that César had adopted and cared for the dogs as he otherwise wouldn’t have a friend in the world. And César also admitted that he happily would go without food sometimes, in order to make sure his dogs remain well-fed.

“They are all well taken care of and chubby,” Mamprim said to The Dodo. “Seeing them like that, waiting at the door, only shows how much they are cared for and loved.”

Cris Mamprim

As the staff got César sorted out with the medication he needed, the staff decided to let his dogs come inside the building so they wouldn’t be waiting outside for long. They also offered César some food – and thus by extension his dogs as well.

“Believe me, he ate some and saved a bit to give the dogs later,” Mamprim said.

Ana Paula Bogo

After spending roughly an hour at the hospital, César was safely discharged. Mamprim watched from the doorway as César and his dogs disappeared back into the darkness of the early morning hours.

“He has the best companions with him,” Mamprim later stated. “I do not know what his life is like, or why he’s on the street, but I admire the respect and love he has for his little animals […] If only everyone were like this.”

Dogs are such loyal and wonderful animals.

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