Dogs Squeal When Their Soldier Dad Returns Home After Being Gone For Weeks

Once dogs form a bond with someone, it’s impossible for them to forget that person – even if was from months or years before. Dogs measure time by smell, so when they smell something or someone familiar, it helps jog their memory about who that person is. That is why, when we go away from our dogs for long periods of time, they get sad the longer we are away because the smells of us start to fade. But when we come back, they are overjoyed to have us home.

And reuniting with a dog is never more heartwarming than when you see a soldier returning home to his or her loyal companion after months and months way on a deployment. One soldier was returning home after weeks of being away. He was understandably nervous about seeing his dogs again, worried as to how they were going to take his return or if they’d even remember him since it had been so long.

However, as soon as he opened the door, all his fears were eased. Even though his dogs had been younger when he last saw them, they definitely did not forget their dad. They were overjoyed to see him. There were lots and lots of tail wagging and joy to be had – it definitely brings a tear to your eye to witness the unbreakable bond of love and loyalty that exists between dogs and their owners.

In fact, the dog was so overjoyed at the soldier’s return, that it actually lets out a squeal of delight! That definitely goes to show just how happy the dog is to finally be reunited with its over after all the time spent apart. And the best thing about dogs is that they will never ever show any annoyance or hold a grudge for the amount of time that has past. They are just happy to have you home.

Watch the adorable video of their reunion below:

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