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Most people who read this site would probably consider themselves dog lovers, but you think your passion goes further than that. You don’t just like your dogs, you like all dogs, and you want to spend as much time with them as possible and help them in any way you can. If you could find a way to do it, you would make dogs your life.

So… why don’t you? There are plenty of careers where you can be around your canine friends quite a bit and do things to improve their lives.

Here are just a few jobs for dog lovers to consider if they are truly serious about making pups their life.

Dog Sitter

We’ll start with one that doesn’t require much in the way of training. Lots of people make a few extra bucks checking on friends’ dogs when their humans are out of town, but if you really focus on this area, it’s possible to make it a full-time job — and possibly even grow into a company with more sitters.

You must be knowledgeable about proper dog care and good with people, so they feel confident about leaving their pooch with you. Also, to ensure you can safely care for the pups in your care, you’ll need to take a class in canine first aid.

Dog Walker

You might think that dog walkers require about the same level of experience as sitters, but there can be a fairly big difference depending on how you schedule your walks.

Many walkers like to take several dogs at a time on walks to maximize profits (and minimize blisters!), but doing this actually takes a bit of skill to be able to wrangle multiple pups who likely aren’t all comfortable with each other. It’s a good idea to take a training course ahead of time and also carefully evaluate dogs before you commit to walking them.

Dog Product Maker

Depending on what is meant by this title, you might need special skills… and you might not. Most people are probably qualified to work in some capacity for a company that makes dog products, but if you’re interested in being the one creating them, you’ll likely need training in design, marketing, and other skills. A great source for ideas is your own dog: what products would make your or his life easier?

Dog Groomer

Like to keep your pup in style? Everyone from veterinarians to big box pet stores to boutique doggie salons employs people as groomers. You’ll get to work up close and personal with your favorite four-legged critters, but may need to go through training and earn a certificate to do it.

Dog Chef

Like cooking? Particularly like doing it for your dogs because they always love everything you make? Successful dog chefs are knowledgeable in canine nutrition and enjoy sharing what they know. This job can involve catering with a dog-friendly menu, and also teaching canine nutrition to help pet owners take better care of their dogs.

Dog Trainer

Dog trainers have to be extremely comfortable around dogs and know how to get them to obey and perform on command. You may want to start by focusing on a few specific problem behaviors and expand from there as your experience grows. And, of course, to be a trainer, you’ll need to spend a lot of time with dogs to gain that experience.

Veterinarians and Vet Techs

Obviously, out of the jobs mentioned, these two require the most training. They also may not necessarily be the best careers to go into for someone who just likes dogs, because you’re going to end up dealing with lots of different animals, though a high percentage are sure to be pups!

Did we miss any fantastic jobs for dog lovers? Let us know in the comments!

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