Duck And Dog Have An Adorable And Unconditional Friendship

In a heart-melting video, we get to witness the adorable friendship that has grown between a dog and a duck. While both animals might be from completely different species there is no denying the amount of care and compassion that exists between these two. And the overall cuteness of the video definitely puts a smile on your face.

In the hilarious video, the American Pekin duck is playing a game of chase with his new buddy. However, the game doesn’t seem to be going the duck’s way. The pooch is too fast for him and he can’t seem to be able to tag the dog. 

Naturally, the dog is having the time of his life. Based on that big grin on his face he is enjoying being chased around by the duck. The way he weaves around with agility and grace – he’s definitely making it hard for his friend to catch him.

The duck does try a slightly different approach when it’s proving difficult to go after the dog. The tries to outsmart the dog by waiting for him to get closer to him so he can tag him with his beak. Unfortunately for this duck that doesn’t quite seem to pan out.

Either way, it looks like these two are having a blast being silly with one another. It definitely is a reminder that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not really about what you look like but how much you care about your friend. And these two buddies definitely seem to enjoy one another’s company. 

Don’t forget to watch the precious video of the dog and duck’s friendship below:

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