Expectant Mom Did A Photo Shoot With Her Five Dogs After Being Told To Get Rid Of Them

Sanjana Madappa might have been pregnant with her first child, but it certainly wasn’t the first “baby” in her life. She already had adopted five dogs from the shelter where she works – Compassion Unlimited Plus Action – and considers those her children too.

Photo: Facebook / Bhargavi Naveen

When Sanjana got pregnant, there were many people who told her she should give the dogs up for adoption before giving birth – but she could never imagine life without her furbabies. Rather than listen to the suggestions of others, she found a way to incorporate them into the specialness of her pregnancy, by doing a special family photoshoot.

Given her work at the shelter, Sanjana had seen so many people surrender their dogs because of pregnancies. She strongly believed that either these people didn’t care about their dogs, or they didn’t have enough support when it came to keeping them. Of course, people would always tell her that she didn’t understand because she’d never been pregnant.

Photo: Facebook / Bhargavi Naveen
Photo: Facebook / Bhargavi Naveen

When Sanjana eventually did become pregnant, her opinions never changed despite being told by her doctor, family, and friends that she should give up the five dogs before the arrival of the baby. For Sanjana the fact of the matter was simple: why should she give up five members of the family just for one?

She did a photoshoot with photographer Bhargavi Naveen in order to prove to others that both she and her husband – along with her five dogs – are all excited to meet her son.

Photo: Facebook / Bhargavi Naveen

The resulting photos are so touching! You already know that this little boy is going to grow up so loved.

For everyone who wants to give up on their dogs because of your pregnancy, allergy or just any other lame reason. Here…

Posted by Shravan Krishnan on Thursday, January 26, 2017

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