Failed Cattle Dog And Disabled Calf Form An Unlikely Friendship

Cupcake the calf was born with a birth defect that left her with crooked front legs. As she grew up her legs did not straighten out, meaning she was referred to as a “downed calf.” While Cupcake’s handicap means she has trouble getting around, the little calf was supported and loved by Genia Kay Meyer and her dog, Bo.

Meyer lives in Peavine, Oklahoma. She first acquired the adorable calf from her cousin who was unable to care for the little baby. Meyer began a GoFundMe for the calf’s care and is providing Cupcake with round the clock bottles. However, it is Bo who has been the real nurturing soul behind everything – refusing to leave the baby cow’s side.  

Clean up time. She eats this up.

Posted by Cupcake & Bo on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Meyer said to KFOR, “The very first day we took her home and started her on the bottle, he just took up with her and started licking up all the milk off her face, and wouldn’t leave her.”

Bo was originally intended to help Meyer and her husband, Tim, round up cattle on their farm. But Bo couldn’t quite live up to expectations as a cattle herder since he would often get sick on truck rides. This meant that Bo wasn’t always able to get around to the different herds of cattle that he needed to be in charge of. But there was a silver lining: it meant that Cupcake had a new best friend. 

Meyer explained that the pair were very affectionate with one another and often spend a majority of their time either snuggling or playing with each other. She added, “I don’t know if it was curiosity or what it was, but he just laid by her and stayed with her.” 

Finding the pair’s bond just so irresistibly sweet, Meyer decided to create them a Facebook page in order to share their story. As a result, the cow and pooch have gained more than 1,000 followers. Meyers often shares photos and videos of their friendship to their dedicated page where their fans regularly comment and like.

As KFOR reports, Meyer and her husband are in the process of getting Cupcake’s legs to a better place. The couple has had success in the past with other downed calves naturally correcting themselves. However, there is still the possibility that Cupcake will need surgery on her legs, but that’s still not a guarantee that procedure would fix the problem.  The current GoFundMe for Cupcake’s care had a goal of $1,000 but Meyer was grateful to be able to share it had already exceeded its target.

Even though Cupcake’s legs aren’t at their best and her future is a little uncertain, there is one thing that the baby cow can count on for sure: the love and loyalty of her best friend Bo. 

Aren’t they just the sweetest pairing? What do you think? Let us know!

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