Family Built A Wheelchair Ramp In The Front Yard For Their Senior Dog

Pet parents will do anything for their precious pets. We love them, and we want them to know it. That is why we spoil them rotten with gifts and treats. We make sure that they are always up to date on their vaccines and health screenings. We pet-proof our homes to keep them from getting out or getting into dangerous items. It’s all part of the responsibility of caring for our animals, who are much more than just pets, they’re our children. The only unfortunate side of being a pet parent is seeing our babies age and get older. Even still, we do our best to keep them as comfortable and happy as possible.

One man was driving through his Nashua, New Hampshire neighborhood when he stumbled across a loving display by one of his neighbor’s for their dog. The man’s daughter, Alex Dunhom, posted on social media the story of her father’s confusion.

As it turned out, Alex’s father kept seeing a wheelchair ramp that didn’t just go from the doorway to the driveway, but instead, it zigzagged all the way around to the neighbor’s lawn as well. Naturally, he was perplexed as to why the ramp was so long.

Then, one day, his question was answered after he spotted Hershey.

Alex Dunhom / Facebook

Hershey was a senior dog who had mobility issues, so the long wheelchair ramp was set up entirely for him. The neighbors had placed it out in order for Hershey to still be able to make it out to the lawn.

As Alex shared in a Facebook group, Dogspotting, “For weeks my Dad didn’t understand why our neighbors would build a wheelchair ramp into the lawn instead of the driveway.”

She added, “Then we saw this elderly, chunky boy in the yard who can’t climb stairs anymore. Dad has replaced his confusion with admiration for these 10/10 owners and their very good dog. I have been informed by another neighbor that his name is Hershey.”

Alex Dunhom / Facebook

It’s a story that I’m sure all dog owners can relate to, especially if we have older dogs. Many of us have probably had to do similar things for our own older pooches who have mobility issues because of bad hips or arthritis and other joint issues. It’s this exact level of care that has also led other dog owners to make their dogs as comfortable as possible – like the family that built their dog a personal elevator, or the family who built ramps all throughout their home for their Dachshund, George. The love that dog owners have for their older dogs is always so heartwarming.

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