Family Is Reunited With Their Missing Dog While Adopting Cat

Imagine being at an adoption event, ready to adopt another pet, only to recognize your lost dog who was also up for adoption?

That is exactly what happened to a family from Jacksonville, Florida, who were at an adoption event looking at kittens, when they were reunited by chance with their dog who’d gone missing over summer.

The sweet reunion was documented on Facebook, where the Jacksonville Humane Society wrote how the family had spotted their missing dog while at their local PetSmart attending a free adoption event. While in line for a kitten, the father “spotted a brown and white dog being leashed to go for a walk.”

Immediately he recognized him, crying out, “That’s my Dopey!”

Dopey recognized his owner’s voice, running over to the family where he “leaped into their arms” and began “covering them with kisses.”

🧡 November 9th is officially Generosity Breeds Joy Day in Jacksonville and this story is one for the books. 💚This sweet…

Posted by The Jacksonville Humane Society on Saturday, November 9, 2019

Dopey had gone missing since August, and arrived as a stray at the shelter on the 1st of October.

The rescue wrote, “His family never lost hope and they are thrilled that their sweet pup is back home! Stories like Dopey’s, the many we tell and the many untold, are proof that generosity breeds joy in Jacksonville every day.”

They added, “From the strangers who helped Dopey when he was lost to the volunteers and staff who lovingly cared for him, from the donors who made his reunion possible to foundations like PetSmart Charities for sponsoring the event that brought this family back together … generosity and joy are all around us.” 

This wasn’t the only type of “amazing reunion” story that the rescue has shared. In fact just recently another occurred which they featured through their monthly “Feline Frenzy” event, where they spay and neuter community cats for free.

Next to the reunion picture, the rescue explained that after sedating the cats, they always check to see if there is a microchip. The cat in question turned out to be microchipped, and the human society “called the owners who rushed over to get her!”

“She had been missing for a few months,” they explained, before adding why the cat stayed in her carrier for the photo. “We would’ve snapped a picture of her, but she was still a little loopy from the anesthesia.”

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