Family Surprises Grieving Dad With A New Puppy

Pets are important members of any family, and the loss of a beloved pet is felt just as deeply as the loss of any human family member.

And for one Twitter user, Yvonne Gutierrez, the loss of the family dog was one that was deeply felt by the family – especially by her father. He took it particularly hard, having never been shy about expressing his feelings when it came to his care and affection for the beloved furry family member.

As the family tried to heal and get past the loss, Yvonne decided to surprise her family with someone that could help: a new puppy.

The moment was recorded on video, and in the footage, you see Yvonne’s dad sitting in his truck as his daughter presented him with a little brown and black puppy.

As soon as he was handed the new little puppy, her father broke down. All his emotions came bubbling up, and soon, he was weeping rather strongly.

Yvonne comforted him, giving him a hug while he wept. Meanwhile, in the passenger’s side of the vehicle, Yvonne’s mom could be heard on camera trying to comfort her husband. It was a very tender family moment for all three of them. And what made it even more precious, was the fact that the new little pup had the reaction to lick his new owner’s face in sympathy.

Yvonne uploaded the video to her Twitter, explaining, “My dad has been really depressed ever since our family dog passed away and today I surprised him with a new puppy.”

As soon as she shared her post, there was a lot of positive reactions from the internet – mostly, from people empathizing with the father’s reaction.

Following the success of her viral video, Yvonne updated her followers two days later – sharing how well the new puppy was settling in. The family loved their new addition, but the one who was most thrilled with the pup was, obviously, her father, who was caught in a picture sleeping on the couch with the puppy.

Yvonne posted the picture and captioned it, “Update: they love each other already.”

You can watch the full reaction in the video below:

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