Family Throws Surprise Birthday Party For Their Senior Dog

It’s not a birthday without the whole family getting together to celebrate. We all have wonderful memories of birthdays spent with our nearest and dearest – and amongst those are our pets. They’re family too. So when the time comes around for their birthdays it’s impossible not to throw them a celebratory bash of their own. Within my own family, we celebrated each and every one of our pets’ birthdays, including the rabbits. We’d sing them happy birthday, gather the other pets around, and everyone had to wear a party hat. Then the birthday pet in question would get a special treat. For the cats, that meant either some tuna or salmon, the rabbits got fresh kale from the local farmer’s market, and our dog was treated to her very own steak. Then after that, they’d get to open presents. Pet birthdays in our house were taken very seriously and they were seen to be just as important as human birthdays. 

But my family isn’t the only one out there who loves to celebrate their pets’ birthdays. When Bailey the dog turned 13 years old, his family threw him a wonderful little birthday bash to mark the occasion. His owner, Katie D’Souza,wrote a happy birthday message to him on social media saying, “Happy 13th Birthday to our boy BAILEY! He brings us so much joy and we love him heaps!”

And that was about to get even happier for the adorable little pooch as his family came together to shower him with love and attention, showing him just how loved he was. The family not only presented him with gifts and a special cake with candles for his big day, but they also sang him happy birthday. 

The birthday song seemed to be the senior pup’s favorite part of the festivities. In the video, his face lit up when the family began to sing him “Happy Birthday.” His eyes darted back and forth between his beautiful cake and the people around him singing. He was clearly having the best birthday ever! The well-behaved pooch sat patiently and waited for the singing to stop before he was able to dig into his cake – something that probably wasn’t easy for him. After the song was finished, D’Souza asked the birthday for a kiss and he was more than happy to oblige to her request. It was his way of saying thank you. 

Bailey needed a little bit of help blowing out his candles, so his owner had to assist the little pooch in putting them out. Hopefully all his birthday wishes came true!

Watch the adorable scene below:

Posted by Katie D'Souza on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

How do you celebrate your pets’ birthdays? Let us know!

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