FedEx ‘Hires’ Driver’s Dogs After Their Daycare Closed

The current COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we’ve all had to make changes to our daily lives. For most of us, that means that we’ve been working from home. However, there are still plenty of essential workers who have to get up and physically go into work in order to keep our society running smoothly. They have all truly been such blessings during this time of crisis, and we owe them much more than just gratitude. 

However, one essential worker, a FedEx delivery driver named Daniel Nava, found himself in a little bit of a sticky situation when the lockdown meant that his dogs’ doggie daycare closed, but he still needed to go to work. Not wanting to leave his dogs, Chorizo and Cocoa at home without care, he spoke to his manager.

His supervisor was quite understanding to the special circumstances, and therefore allowed him to bring his pups along to work with him where they joined him joyriding all day in his truck. 

Chorizo and Cocoa were more than happy to get to spend all this extra time with their dad. Daniel was quite careful to practice “safety first” by bringing along a couple of little harnesses for the little pups to wear as they ride around in the seat next to him. 

And the two of them, Chorizo and Cocoa, were absolutely loving the attention they got from people who got to see them riding around in the truck.  

Daniel said to The Dodo, “They seem to enjoy their time on the route — sometimes we stop by at the local neighborhood parks and I let them run around for a little bit.” 

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Enjoying a nice morning walk on the strand.

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In order to give them a more professional look, Daniel decided to make his little “delivery assistants” dress up wearing their very own FedEx uniforms! As you can imagine, the results were beyond precious seeing them about town in their own little outfits.

Given how adorable these two are, there is no doubt that everyone who is expecting a delivery from FedEx is secretly hoping that these little assistants are on their route. Eventually, they’ll go back to their daycare when it reopens, but for now, they’re having fun riding around with Daniel.

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