Firefighters Rescue Dog That Got Stuck Trying To Dig A Tunnel Under The Fence

They say curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. But when it comes to our beloved dogs, curiosity can get them into slightly sticky situations. For one pup in particular, it meant that the local fighter fighters had to get involved to rescue him. And the results were a little embarrassing for the pooch. 

Photo: Facebook

We all know that dogs have a tendency to dig. It’s part of their nature as much as we may try to train them out of it. But it’s still something that they often like to do. And if we’ve ever caught our dogs in the middle of digging, they’re usually trying to dig under a fence – either to get a better view or to get out and go on an adventure. And this one dog greatly miscalculated his size. While trying to dig a tunnel beneath the fence, the dog didn’t dig deep enough and ended up getting himself stuck. 

While the incident was quite embarrassing for the pudgy pooch, the Louisiana authorities were more than happy to lend him a helping hand. We’ve all had embarrassing things happen to us, and we’re sure that the firefighters responding have probably seen worse. As one would imagine, the dog’s big day out didn’t quite take the turn that he was hoping for. Once he realized that he was caught and couldn’t get out, he began to panic. Luckily for him, the firefighters were willing to talk him through the ordeal as they quickly worked together to free the frightened pup.

Photo: Facebook

TheSt George Fire Department shared a post about the incident on their Facebook. In the post they wrote, “Firefighters were able to free the dog quickly and safely by removing the fence and keeping the scared dog calm.”

Photo: Facebook

It wasn’t known how long the poor pup had been stuck for. But they were able to keep him calm enough to release him from his trap, thus ending the poor dog’s nightmare. And the good thing was that the dog wasn’t harmed from his ordeal. If anything, it was probably just his ego that got a little bruised. Once freed, the fire fighters were able to return him to his worried owners.

We can only assume that this dog has learned his lesson and will rethink any future escape attempts – or at least he’ll dig a little deeper hole!

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