Four Rescue Dogs Dress Up As Different Characters For Halloween

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the leaves get crunchy, the air gets crisp and cool, and all dog owners go overboard buying adorable costumes for their pet pooches. It’s one of the things that dog owners can look forward to each Halloween is dressing their pups up in cute costumes and then making them pose for social media. And with the way that the year 2020 has been going, our dogs getting dressed up will be about the only Halloween cheer that we can look forward to during this holiday. 

But adding to the cuteness of the season are a pack of precious rescue dogs who are showing the world just how cute rescue dogs can be. The group, who have come to be known as “The Rescue Boys.” These pups have been getting a lot of attention for their delightfully charming Halloween costumes.

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Good morning 😘

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The dogs, who are Ziggy, Bruce, Dale, and Joey, all live with Anna Schwab and her husband in California. Schwab uploaded a video of her rescue pooches all donning their Halloween costumes. In the video, she wrote the caption, “When you find the house giving out the best candy and you go back in different costumes hoping they won’t get suspicious…”

And if these four cuties were knocking on our door multiple times in one night we would not be complaining. The video featured a montage of the foursome dressed up on the front door’s step. However, each time that the door opened the dogs were in a different costume. The themes of the costumes varied from The Lion King to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There was even the Wizard of Oz and many more. 

Given how cute the video was, it’s no surprise that it went viral after accumulating more than 75K views. There were also loads of comments from people who were enthralled by the darling dogs. 

One person wrote, “Oh my goodness! This is priceless!! This made my 215th day of being quarantined in my senior setting so much better!! Thank you for cheering me up!! Woof! Woof!”

While another person watching the video commented on how well-behaved the pooches were. They added that the costumes were all fantastic, particularly the ghost one. They concluded their comment by saying “Epic video!”

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And the best part is that isn’t the only bit of charm that these dogs have to offer. They are all on Instagram which means there is plenty more content of The Rescue Boys to be seen.


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