Frenchie Throws A Tantrum When Mom Says The Dog Park Is Closed

Earlier this summer at the end of June, I had to dog sit for a friend. Lockdown in Dublin had just been lifted and she was traveling down to the countryside to check in on her parents that she hadn’t seen all of quarantine. She couldn’t bring her little pup with her, so I volunteered to doggie sit. On the first day, I went to take her dog for a walk, when we discovered that the park we’d normally visit, was still shut down because of restrictions. I felt so bad having to explain to the dog that we couldn’t go play because the gate was locked, and we couldn’t go inside. She sulked the entire way home. And I couldn’t blame her. Several laps around the neighborhood were nowhere near as fun as a good forty-five-minute romp amongst the trees and grass. 

But sometimes that is life and it’s not fair. However, that lesson isn’t always an easy pill to swallow for our canine friends. They don’t always understand why they’re not getting their way. It’s not that they’re spoiled, it’s just that they’re used to certain routines. And when those routines get interrupted, it can lead to some major upset amongst our pets. 

One example of this is Walter Geoffrey, a French bulldog. He’s already quite the pet-fluencer on social media, having over 700,000 followers on his Instagram account. And one look at his page it’s easy to understand why. The Frenchie has got quite the sassy personality. And it was that exact sass that he unleashed in a video that expressed his displeasure at a certain canine inconvenience. 

When Walter Geoffrey rolled up to the park, he was completely ready for a fun time as promised. Sadly for the little bull dog it would not come to fruition. Th park had been closed that day. As it turned out, the local authorities were spraying for bugs. While that is a legitimately good reason to close down a park, it was not good enough for Walter Geoffrey. The little pooch nearly lost his mind with annoyance. 

In the video, Walter Geoffrey has a very long-winded temper tantrum. He won’t stop talking back to his owner – clearly airing all his grievances to her. While there is no way to know for sure, we wouldn’t be surprised if this little pup was asking to speak to a manager. Watch his tantrum in the clip below:

What do you think Walter Geoffrey was trying to say? Let us know!  

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