There is nothing else in the world like Cesar Millan’s Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I, so you may have a number of questions about the program.We’ve collected the most common questions about Fundamentals I here. Click the question to see the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cesar Millan is the instructor for four of the five days of this program, teaching in-depth sessions each morning. He actively participates in the hands-on afternoon sessions, assisted by his trainers.

Fundamentals I is held at Cesar’s two Dog Psychology Centers – the first just outside Los Angeles, California and the other at the Country Inn Pet Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Each class includes up to 45 participants – typically 20 with their dogs, 25 without.

No, we welcome all students over the age of 18, regardless of their level of experience with dogs.

Fundamentals I involves many physical activities, including Pack Walks and hands-on activities with dogs. Because many are outdoors, you should be comfortable in warm, bright sun for up to 30 minutes.

Fundamentals I is taught entirely in English. We are unable to provide translation services.

Due to space limitations, we can only accommodate one dog per person, up to a maximum of 20 dogs per session.

We must have proof of current vaccination records for rabies, Bordetella and DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus). For our Florida facility, we also need H3N8 inoculation plus a fecal test. Proof of vaccination must be received by us before you attend the course. Your dog must be spayed or neutered to attend Fundamentals I. No exceptions, please. We will provide you with instructions for sending proof of vaccination after you have registered.

If you are staying at the recommended hotel, you must bring a crate. The hotel requires that dogs be crated when left alone in the room.

Fundamentals I is not a dog rehabilitation program, but a human-centered educational program. It is not designed to resolve a dog’s issues during the program (although many dogs are helped). Rather, the purpose is to teach you the Pack Leader skills so that you can be the leader your dog seeks and needs.

Although you may have opportunities for hands-on experience with dogs, we cannot guarantee it. The majority of our students do not bring dogs yet report the same satisfaction and benefit from the program as those who do.

For those not bringing a dog, we routinely approve participants within 24 – 48 hours of registration. Your credit card is not charged for the deposit until you are approved. If you wish to bring a dog, your registration will be pending while we review your dog’s suitability for the program. This may take up to one week. We will not charge your credit card for the deposit until your dog is approved. If your dog is not approved for attendance, we may offer you a non-dog spot in the course (if available).

The price includes program tuition, all program materials, four hot lunches and gala graduation banquet. Accommodations, transportation and other meals are not included.

We typically work with a local hotel that offers special rates for Fundamentals I participants – but you are responsible for making your own arrangements for lodging. We will provide you with hotel information when your registration for the course is approved. You are not required to stay at the recommended hotel.

No, we do not. We suggest that you rent a car since you are responsible for your own transportation to and from the airport as well as between the hotel and the DPC. Many participants organize carpools among themselves for traveling to and from the DPC each day. We encourage these carpools, but do not organize them.

While we welcome participation by couples or families, we do not offer family or group discounts. The program fee covers only one human (or human with dog).

We may occasionally offer discounts on course fees for various purposes. For example, we offer a 10% discount to those who register at least 90 days in advance. Should we offer discounts, only one discount may be applied to an individual course. The Cesar Millan PACK Project occasionally makes scholarship grants to qualified individuals. Please visit its site for more information

We do not offer any special rates for volunteering or working at the DPC.

We offer a convenient payment schedule. If you register more than 90 days before the course, you will pay $500 at confirmation of registration, $2000 at 90 days before the course start date, with the remaining balance due at 45 days before the course start date. If you register between 90 and 60 days before the course start date, you will pay $2500 at confirmation of registration with the balance due 45 days before course start date. And if you register 60 days or less before the course start date, you will pay the entire course fee at confirmation of registration.

Refunds (minus a processing fee) are available up to 30 days before the course begins. If you must cancel within 30 days of the course, we will work with you and schedule you for another session.

Yes, you may bring one guest to the graduation dinner for a nominal cost. Please refer to the registration form for details. We will politely decline requests for more than one guest.

We will do our best to meet your request, but cannot guarantee space in a particular session other than the one where you originally registered.

Yes, you will receive a certificate stating that you completed the Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I program. You may use this graduation certificate on your resume, Web site or Facebook page. We do not offer a program that “certifies” a student in Cesar’s methods.

Yes, we do! We offer a number of six-week (one meeting per week) Training Courses taught by Cesar’s trainers at the California and Florida DPCs. Topics include Mastering the Walk, Socialization, Obedience — even Search and Rescue! Check out the Courses here.

Interested in the future?

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