Genius Trick For Dogs That Don’t Like Getting Their Toenails Clipped

Owning a dog isn’t just about feeding them, walking them, and making sure they get regular trips to the vet – it also entails attention to grooming. For the most part, dogs keep themselves clean. However, every now and then they require our help with keeping their nails trimmed.

For anyone who has ever owned a dog, keeping the nails trim can be challenge, since dogs get pretty squirmy when getting their nails clipped. Most of us probably take our dogs to the groomer or the vet in order to get their nails done. However, there are a few brave souls willing to try it at home.

Clipping your dog’s toenails at home is the ultimate challenge, since you’re trying not to accidentally injure your dog. So, it’s no wonder that many prefer to go with the professionals.

One dog owner, Kendal Peifer, has come up with the perfect solution to at-home toenail clipping – one that was first concocted by her father. Kendal recalled how her father created a cradle out of an old purse for their Boston Terrier, who would then be hung up from a door frame.

Photo: Twitter

Given that the dog was suspended in mid-air, it made the whole experience of clipping a dog’s nails that much easier. Not long after this toenail clipping hack was posted to Twitter, the video went viral.

One viewer commented, “That’s hilarious and genius.”

“Great IDEA! Not sure if my chihuahua would do better in an Armani or Coach, just thanks that it will be a small one… ” wrote Steve Smith.

It’s a truly unique idea.

“Dadgineering skills at 100% rn,” wrote Johnathiccc.

“I didn’t think it would get so popular,” Kendal said to Buzzfeed. “It worked surprisingly well!”

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