German Shepard Starts Dancing When His Favourite Song Comes On

My favorite thing about dogs is that they’re such good sports. It doesn’t matter what we want to do with them, they will gladly go along with it. When I was growing up, I used to be scared of the dark. Not unusual for most kids, but it also meant that I didn’t like to go into the hallway at night. This left going to the bathroom being a monumental task since it meant seven-year-old me had to make a mad dash down the dark hallway dodging the monsters I was convinced lived in the hallway linen closet.

Luckily for me, I had a brave companion that would come with me twice a night to the bathroom: my dog. She was such a good sport that she’d let me wake her up twice a night just to make a 30-second walk down the hallway. But that is what makes dogs so special – they will literally do anything for us. 

Naturally, this often means that our dogs will gladly let us make them look like fools on camera, but it’s all in good fun. Now that we live in the age of technology our dogs have quickly become the subjects of viral videos as we do all sorts of things to our dogs for a reaction. And our loyal pups are more than willing to accommodate us having fun with them – however, that might transpire. This can be anything from putting them in silly outfits or getting them to perform tricks. Sometimes we just get lucky as we record them doing their normal everyday routines and then something spectacularly hilarious happens. Either way, our dogs are always such good sports when it comes to social media.

And there was one hilarious video of a dancing dog that made the round on the internet. It was more the dog’s ears that were “dancing” and that is what caught the world’s attention. In the clip, the German Shepherd’s ears appear to be getting down to Flo Rida’s hit from 2008, “Apple Bottom Jeans.” Yeah, we all remember that banger. But while the video itself is endearing, if you look closely, you will see that the dancing ears are orchestrated by the dog’s owner. While the dog doesn’t seem to know she’s being filmed for the internet, she just seems to be happy to be getting an ear massage.

Watch it below:

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